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Sterilization media

Our  The practice is equipped with the most modern technology for the dental sterilization of all the material as well as the implementation of the most demanding and safe protocols that guarantee asepsis in all the material used in each patient. With these measures we can absolutely guarantee that all the material used in each treatment has been sterilized.

La clínica: La clínica

Digitized Radiodiagnosis

Our  center  bill  with digital radiodiagnosis devices where the images are digitized, both in a specific area of the mouth and a panoramic view that covers both arches.

Eliminating the need for repeat exposures and allowing the radiation dose received by the patient to be lower than that of a conventional radiograph.

La clínica: La clínica
Cardioprotected area

At Siempre Sonríe we have CPR equipment, we like to take care of your smile with the utmost  security.


We comply with the hygienic sanitary measures;  Mandatory use of a mask, temperature control, disinfection of hands and shoes.

We do continuous disinfection of the entire clinic.

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